COVID-19 Level 2 Policy

Updated 6 September 2021


  • Please stay at home if you or one of your ski party are feeling unwell.
  • All visitors must sign-in. COVID-19 QR codes. There is a different QR code for different parts of our operation. Please scan the QR code at the Tyndall Tramway (at the car park), our ticket office and Palmer Lodge. If you cannot sign-in using the app, please sign-in on the sign up sheets at the ticket office and Palmer Lodge.
  • Guests staying in accommodation lodges must sign-in to the lodge they are staying in.
  • We require you to maintain a 2 metre distance from people outside your bubble in all places, including around all indoor areas such as Palmer Lodge and the accommodation lodges.
  • Masks and or buffs must be worn at all times.
  • For the safety of our staff – we will be cashless. Only payments using EFTPOS, Mastercard, and Visa will be available. We strongly encourage contactless if possible.
  • There will be increased cleaning – especially in high risk areas, and we will be following government guidelines in regard to PPE.
  • Please follow signage and respect the rules put in place. These are for your safety.
  • Be kind, wash your hands frequently, cough/sneeze into your elbow, and use the hand sanitiser provided.

Tyndall Tramway

  • Please only travel with others from your bubble. If not, then a maximum of people per Tram car.
  • The Tram may be paused when ticket office queues reach capacity.

Ticket Office

  • A 2 metre distance between you and people outside your bubble is required when queuing at the ticket office. There will be tape markings on the area floor to identify queuing distances.
  • We enourage cashless transactions to avoid handling cash.
  • Eftpos machines will be sanitised between usages.
  • Guests will fit their hire tow belts and harnesses and sanitise these afterwards.

Tow Queues & Other Queues

  • When queuing at the tow or elsewhere, you must maintain a 2 metre distance between yourself and people outside your bubble.

Palmer Lodge

  • When entering Palmer Lodge please sign in.
  • Toilets will be acessed via the downstairs back door entrance (opposite of building to the deck).
  • The canteen will be open to purchase food.
  • Only 50 people will be allowed inside the upstairs section of Palmer Lodge at anyone time.
  • You must maintain a 2 metre distance between yourself and people outside your bubble and wear a mask/buff at all times.
  •  Upstairs, the traffic will flow one-way with a separate, designated exit. Please follow the signage.
  • Tables have been spaced at 2 metre distancing both inside and outside Palmer Lodge. Please do not move the tables. 

Ski Patrol & Snowsports School

  • Will continue to operate with increased precautions and PPE.
  • Two metre distancing will be maintained.

Accommodation Lodges

  • No day guests will be allowed in the accommodation lodges.
  • Strict and frequent cleaning and sanitisation will undertaken for all communal areas.
  • Two metre distancing between guests outside your bubble will be required.
  • All overnight guests must sign-in when entering the lodge and follow all health and safety procedures put in place.


By following these procedures, together we can help prevent the spread of COVID-19. We hope you have a wonderful time at Broken River.  Stay safe and stay strong. Kia kaha.