Bluebird Days and Awesome Snow

August 28, 2014 Share on Facebook

Conditions are great right now, with awesome snow and too many bluebird days in a row to keep count of. The weather has been very settled. We're enjoying amazing cold dry conditions on the shadier aspects of the ski area, with a light sun crust on the sunny aspects softening up to provide beautiful late morning and afternoon skiing mountain-wide.  The consistent cold temps are keeping the snow chalky and delicious.

Typical days at the moment start with stunning sights with a little valley fog below, great riding mountain-wide and masses of sun pouring onto the Palmer Lodge deck. Later in the day you can settle in there and soak up the vibe. The beats will be pumping and a glass of the cold stuff known as BR Lager helps you savour the delights of the day.

We're eagerly awaiting the Speed Flyers Beginner Camp and the golden Oldies Week which both are happening next week. It's looking like it will be THE week of the year!

In the meantime, We're holding a "BR's Got Talent" night on Sept 13th. Start polishing up your act for this fun night.

Looking forward to seeing you on the mountain soon!