New Snow BR Sept 8

Epic September Snowfall

September 12, 2017 Share on Facebook

A cold norwest front that started last Wednesday, September 6th, has brought more than 70 centimetres of snow in the last five days. Conditions have been amazing, with light dry snow to enjoy.

It's been an amazing few days with wintery weather and fresh powder snow. By Friday we had 35 cms of fresh snow.  The light came and went a bit on Friday but this didn't stop everyone enjoying deep, but light snow. Falling snow made for atmospheric conditions for Friday night skiing. Conditions were superb with silky light powder to float in. 

Another 15 cm of snow fell over night and we unexpectedly woke to clear blue skies on Saturday morning. Everyone had a great morning skiing the fresh snow before the weather descended in upon us and it snowed most of the afternoon before lifting for some great late afternoon skiing.

Amazingly it snowed again overnight with another 10 cms of fresh snow on Sunday morning. The skiing was superb all day! The lucky ones who were able to stay Sunday night enjoyed yet more fresh turns all Monday, with another 10 cms falling on Sunday night.

 It's been a memorable few days. Fantastic winter conditions for September. Thanks to our staff and everyone else who helped clear the snow every day and keep the field open - we couldn't have done it without all you. We'll be remembering this week for a long time to come. We've just been lucky enough to have the best conditions in the last 4 or 5 seasons!

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