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Fun 2009 Scone Grabbers Week

August 24, 2009 Share on Facebook

Hi! I’m Elsie and I’m 11 months old. I just love coming up to Broken River with my mummy and daddy so they decided to go on the first ever SCONE GRABBERS week - a week for families with young kids. Our really fun week was planned by Claire and Jim who are the parents of my friends Mari and Hamish. 

We all stayed in Broken River Lodge so wouldn't disturb everyone else who expected to get sleep during the night! Of course my parents thought it was a great way of getting lots of skiing in too – without having to do the big drive from Christchurch each day and then carry me up the mountain in the back pack.

Each of us kids took turns at waking up really early and crying through the week so that the parents had to get up and get us out of bed – I’m not sure they realised that we did this so we could get ready more quickly to get up the mountain for skiing! We kids do take a while to get ready – eating breakfast, flinging porridge around the room, finding socks, a few tantrums, losing goggles, cuddles and the dreaded brushing of teeth and hair – but everyone mucked in and helped each other out so it worked out really well.

Each day we all played in Palmer Lodge up on the field. All the mummies and daddies took turns looking after us so they could maximise their time out on the snow – the funny thing was that there was hardly anyone skiing on the actual field apart from the parents having their group lesson. Everyone else just took off in all sorts of directions – Allan's Basin, Yukon Bowl, Hamilton Peak, Sunny Peak, Avalanche Gully – there was just so much snow and so much good skiing to be done! All the parents had BIG smiles on their faces after skiing the new snow that arrived on Tuesday afternoon.

People say having kids slows you down but not these parents – they were OFF out the door and there were some strict tag team times going on between different mummies and daddies. The older kids all had lessons too and by the end of the week were doing really well – thanks to those wonderful instructors.

Night times were lots of fun – yummy food, chatter, games and I continually heard the tinkling of bottles and caps being popped off. It seems to me that there can’t be anything better than finishing off a good days skiing with a beer, chips, cheese and crackers up at Palmer Lodge – even if it meant that we were a bit late for our vege prep duties!

Well – that’s about it from me. I just want to say that I think SCONE GRABBERS week is a COOL TIME and anyone out there with kids should think about doing it next year. I’ll see you then!

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