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Tree Skiing At BR

August 19, 2011 Share on Facebook


Conditions are truly amazing. 80 cm of snow fell over three days and made for very picturesque scenery around the lodges, but near impossible to ski on the field.  We stayed below the cloud level and had some incredible tree skiing around the lodges and slopes below.

Cabin fever set in fairly quickly and the call of the snow was too much for the adventurous crew in the lodges. We had some truly amazing tree skiing in thigh-deep, light powder - a rarity for New Zealand and one that we certainly weren't going to miss! The lucky ones in the lodges spent all day skiing through the trees and down the open slopes below the lodges to the Tram. Meanwhile State Highway 73 was closed and no one else from the outside world had the opportunity of enjoying this special treat.  

The clouds lifted late in the week to reveal a white world from valley floor to mountain top. After almost a month since the last decent snowfall woops of delight could be heard across the valley as powder-hungry riders carved up the slopes. Just amazing.

Certainly a week to remember.

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