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Tyndall Tramway Opening

July 29, 2009 Share on Facebook

The Tyndall Tramway was opened on Saturday 25th July 2009 on warm,  sunny, cloudless day with 35 cms of fresh powder snow. The passenger  lift was officially opened by Club member and past President Arthur Tyndall. Arthur, a well-known civil engineer from Tyndall and Hanham, who designed this unique lift and was instrumental in getting the project started. To his great surprise the lift was named “Tyndall Tramway”.  Art’s  first comment was “Oh … I didn’t deserve this” and then went on to say  “We’ve got a great Broken River family here – I did it for you guys  because it’s a great Club.”

It is of great significance that two of the twelve founding members,  including the Club’s Patron, and 8 other very early members of the Club  were present at the opening. Their day was made with a helicopter flight  up to the ski field to join in the day-long celebrations. Some these  early members had not visited the ski field in winter for 15 or more  years. It was also a very special opportunity for them to see their  grandchildren and great grandchildren skiing. One early member, Betty  Womersley aged 88, had a short ski with her great granddaughter.

The passengerisation project involved 6 years of hard work with Club  members volunteering their time to upgrade the original Goods Lift,  which has operated since 1985.  We are very fortunate to have a group of very dedicated and technically skilled members in the Club.

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