Use Broken River to Access the Backcountry

Accessing the backcountry of the Craigieburn Range couldn't be much easier, just jump off the back of our main ridge to the the west, or traverse north or south along it and drop onto the east side. You can even access neighbouring ski areas via a bit of backcountry travel, such as Craigieburn to the north, or Cheeseman, Porters or even Mt Olympus to the south. 

The skiing is  excellent - you'll always find untracked snow, with a range of aspects and elevations to ski, ensuring that you'll most likely find some good snow to ski or board.

One Ride Up Pass

Broken River offers a 'One Ride Up' pass for just $10, for those wishing to utilise our lift system once, to gain the main ridge.

Check Conditions & Avalanche Risk

Before you embark on your backcountry adventure, always check snow conditions as well as the avalanche risk for the area. The best way to do this is to check the Craigieburn Range Avalanche Forecast on the Mountain Safety Council's Avalanche Advisory Website.

Check the Weather Forecast

MetService offers up-to-date forecasts specifically for the Canterbury High Country. Make sure you're not about to set off into a full-blown storm system!

Check in with Ski Patrol

Once you're at Broken River, check in with Ski Patrol they're always happy to chew the fat and provide you with any further info you require about local conditions and recent avalanche activity. They also like chocolate.

Backcountry Intentions Form

Ask Ski Patrol for a Backcountry Intentions Form (BIF). You provide the details of your party and your planned route. Ski Patrol keep the form until you notify them of your safe return. If you're coming back in to our ski area, just call in and let them know you're back (and the skiing was amazing).

Likewise, if you exit the backcountry via another ski area, make sure to call our patrol team to let them know you're safe. At the end of each day, Ski Patrol gathers up any BIF's that haven't been signed out and will initiate the first steps of a search, so it's very important to let them know you're all good.

Take the Gear & Have Some Idea

Always carry a beacon, shovel and probe (BSP) whilst travelling in the backcountry and know how to use them. If you'd like to learn about safe travel in backcountry/avalanche terrain or touch up on your skills, jump onto one of our avalanche courses - they're fun and extremely useful!

Respect Other Users & Terrain Closures

  • Always respect other ski area users
  • Never ski or hike through closed terrain within the ski area
  • Never ski where you might endanger other ski area users, eg: closed terrain above ski area
  • Always plan to return to the ski area before closing time