6:13AM, Wednesday 23rd August 2017

Last Snowfall
on 19 August

Weather Conditions

Sunny, -2°C

Clear skies and sunshine are the order for today. Light winds from the NW may pick up this afternoon. Soak it up and enjoy the views that Broken River has to offer. Slather on some sun screen and enjoy some amazing turns.

Snow Conditions

Average depth: 107.5cm (70cm-145cm)

Last snowfall: 5cm on 19 August

Good morning folks... another spectacular day to be in the mountains. Fresh turns still to found for those willing to look for them. Come check out the indoor outdoor flow of Palmer Lodge as you check in for beer or pizza throughout the day. This group of speed riders are truly spectacular to watch as they literally add a whole new dimension to the spectacular sport of skiing- drifting, gliding, hanging, and sailing over the most magnificent slope under the southern sun! (we think so, anyway!)


Tyndall Tramway Open

Hours 8:30-11:30 and 3:30-11:30

Rugby Tow Open

Access Tow Open

Main Tow Open

Ridge Tow Open

Baby Tow Open

Traverse Tow Open

Allan's Basin Open

On hold briefly this morning to check conditions and hazards
Services & Facilities

Lyndon Lodge Open

Broken River Lodge Open

White Star Chalet Open


Access Road Open

NOTE: Broken River Ski Area does not undertake avalanche control or ski patrolling outside the ski area boundary. See our trail map for ski area boundaries. Always be suitably prepared when skiing outside the ski area boundary - know the avalanche risks, carry avalanche safety gear and know how to use it. Visit for the most recent avalanche conditions.

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Welcome Speed Riders! What a spectacle to have on our Mountain this week. Keep your eyes to the skies!

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