We're truly fortunate to operate in a wonderful alpine environment. We don't take this for granted and are serious about our responsibility to look after the environment for future generations to enjoy. 

Kea Broken River

Our Environmental Policy

We strive to limit our impact on planet earth by:

  • using grid-supplied electricity that uses renewable hydro and wind energy.
  • using Mother Nature for snow making.
  • regularly removing introduced plant pests from our concession area.
  • using low-energy equipment where possible.
  • running and maintaining our ski area in a low-impact manner.
  • reducing, reusing and recycling where possible.
  • promoting carpooling to Broken River through Snowpool.
  • encouraging people to reduce their carbon footprint.
  • promoting respect and understanding of the fragility of our alpine environment.
  • working with the Kea Conservation Trust to monitor the endangered endemic Kea.
  • complying with relevant environmental legislation and regulations.

We ask that all visitors to our ski area and concession area treat the environment with respect and keep their impacts to a minimum. Visitors and groups using Allan's Basin should please read our Visitor's Code.