My kind of family

" These are my kind of people, I think to myself. My kind of family."  Derek Grzelewski. A Home In High Places. NZ Geographic.

The Soul Of Skiing

"After a couple of amazing powder days here I can truly say that Broken River represents the soul of skiing." Mike Manara, Ski School Director, Mt Washington, Canada

A Hidden Gem

Broken River .. caters for those with an adventurous spirit. (It) has a remote backcountry feel .. with great ski terrain, uncrowded slopes and good quality snow. .. (E)xperience the traditional "skiwi" culture..back-to-basics fun and a friendly atmosphere minus the hardcore attitude. .. Broken River is a hidden gem amongst the Canterbury club fields."

A Very Special Place

"Powder days of Japanese proportions, record snowfalls, lifts getting buried, and  a lucky few folks getting snowed in and having the trip of their lives at a very  special place, Broken River." New Zealand Skier Magazine #91. Camilla Stoddart

Awesome Vibe

“Awesome vibe, super friendly. Can totally understand why people come back year after year.” Brody Johnson, Australia

Welcoming Mountain Community

"Never in my travels have I found such a passionate and welcoming mountain community. BR's back-to-basics ski experience is like stepping back in time."  Doug McCabe in Untouched Powder by Carolyn Barry, Australian Geographic Outdoor

A Snowboarder's Paradise

"I was blown away with the terrain and quality of snow at Broken River. It's a snowboarder's paradise. In the few days we were there we only scratched the surface of what I can imagine is some of the best riding to be had in New Zealand." New Zealand Snowboarder Magazine #56. Todd Easterbrook

Coolest Field I've Been To

"Coolest field I've been to. Friendliest staff. So many good things about this place. Go and find out for yourself."  Simon Scott, NZ

Unique  Holiday

"Some trips are too good to only make once! Without question, Broken River is one of the most unique holidays I've had to enjoy. The unique lodges and slopes are perfectly situated along the rugged Southern Alpine region, built by a staunch group of  mountaineers in the 50’s, the evolution of the club infrastructure is testament to the people who began creating this amazing place 60 years ago. THANK YOU BR CREW!" James McBride, Melbourne Australia.

Heaven On Earth

"Heaven on earth. Friendliest ski field I’ve ever visited and great terrain.” Louise Johnston, Australia